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Our aim is to give you the perfect vacation property. We do everything we can and that includes cleanliness. It is because we understand the following: What's your number? We all have a limited number of vacations remaining in our lives so why not choose them wisely with the help of the POSHPADZ Team? You may have 10, 20 , 30 more vacations left in your life and that sobering thought focuses the mind to make the very best choices. You cannot afford to waste a vacation!

We offer a large collection of vacation and holiday rentals in the State of Florida, USA. The properties we offer are chosen carefully and the interiors are designed by our own interior designer. Apart from luxury rental services for your vacation, we also offer luxury properties for sale along with hassle free property management. We select wonderful locations and properties to give you special places to create your family memories. When you choose POSHPADZ, there is always a much greater chance of experiencing the very best holiday. So come and join us, you are in safe hands with the POSHPADZ Team.

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At POSHPADZ we realize there is more to a memorable vacation experience than just arriving at a wonderful location. From the moment you contact POSHPADZ you will experience fast, hassle free, helpful and qualified staff to provide you with the information you need and provide you with the very best advice. Or maybe you just want to securely book your vacation property online? You can be sure all of the photos and descriptions you see are accurate and have been tested by our team. You can book and pay online without any fuss or risk. In our busy lives it is critical that you have a fast and efficient service to provide you with the time to consider your perfect vacation. Oh, and don't think it ends there. Every POSHPADZ traveler is greeted personally to ensure the property chosen meets your expectations. We are totally committed to doing everything we can for your vacation to be as perfect as possible upon arrival, during and departure. We are always here to help.

Our staff has a vast knowledge about the local area and will talk you through the essentials (supermarket locations and local attractions). Local staff are also available should you need anything during your stay. Often POSHPADZ clients love their vacation experience so much they are interested in buying a property of their OWN in paradise. POSHPADZ has experienced Realtors to help you decide on your dream home. We listen carefully to your requirements and provide you with advice on the very best properties in the best locations. Why not own a vacation home and allow the rents to cover all of the costs? Many of our clients are able to pay the ongoing property expenses when they are in the prestigious POSHPADZ Host program. Remember, all POSHPADZ properties are kept in tip top condition and spotlessly clean. You will also feel you are the first person to stay...even if you are the owner!

Once you have purchased a property POSHPADZ is here to protect your investment by taking care of your property and if you decide to rent, providing you with high quality travelers and substantial rental income. Of course any POSHPADZ must have a wonderful interior to create those special moments. We are able to provide you with experienced interior designers that concentrate on quality and value. Our talented interior design team cost less than you would think! The final look and feel of property interiors and exteriors hold the ultimate key to creating your dream vacation experience and a healthy income from your property. Many travelers have experienced the POSHPADZ service and choose the POSHPADZ brand first for their vacation and real estate needs. 

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